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Buying a business is a major undertaking.  Whether you are buying your first or your fifth business, there is much to think about.  Our Team of experienced, professional brokers have all the tools necessary to help facilitate a seamless transaction.  As a Buyer you won’t have to worry about paying for our services because the listing Seller is responsible for the commission fee.

There are significant advantages to buying an existing business versus starting a new one. While there are no guarantees in business and the risks must always be managed, buying an established business clearly offers significant advantages worth considering.  In order to buy the right business, you need to investigate its historical performance, operations, current status, staff and management, competition, industry standing and its future potential, all of which are so much easier to do with an existing business.  Working with one of our professional brokers in this investigative process will ensure that everything is done correctly.

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Current Business Inventory

To view our current inventory select a business category below.  When you request additional information on a business, be prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (commonly referred to as an NDA).