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Introducing Aquarate

Aquarate have developed Hydracare- an automated fluid monitoring system that tracks how much an individual drinks using their Hydracup.

Hydracup is the only smart cup on the market which can produce accurate data that integrates into care systems, saving staff time, and delivering quality care. The Hydracup discreetly tracks an individual’s fluid intake by measuring liquid volume automatically, allowing caregivers to proactively support further fluids to those who need it the most.

Hydracare technology ensures accurate, automated fluid monitoring to reduce incidences of dehydration and patient safety issues, increasing quality of care.

Hydracare Benefits

  • 24/7 accurate real-time fluid intake data for carers 
  • Intelligent remote monitoring, reducing time for staff to record 
  • Reduced patient safety issues 
  • Supports independent living for longer 
  • Fluid intake history to help keep track of the past 
  • Restricted fluid management to help limit consumption 
  • Works with hot and cold drinks 
  • Commercial dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning 
  • Up to 5 day battery life with low battery indicator 
  • Spill detection with immediate alerts so you can react fast 

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Hydracare Technology starts at as little as 40p per resident per day.

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