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Don’t Get Lost On Your Digital Journey

The next 12 months is going to see big changes in the residential care sector. With around 50% of homes still using a paper system to plan and record care, The NHS Transformation Directorate have big ideas which, whilst exciting, are daunting to those without the proper tools to make these ideas a reality.

So where to begin? Finding the right software provider might appear to be the ideal starting point. Will the provider meet all your requirements within budget and customise the software to fit with your own processes? It’s only once you have made this decision that your journey will really begin.

There is little information and guidance out there on how to implement a new system into a residential care setting, where do you start?

As with any journey, you need a route plan.

At Ablyss, we know one size doesn’t fit all. We understand there are requirements unique to our customers and are committed to working together to provide the best service for them. We understand that the care landscape is always changing and improving, whether via new processes or new technologies. We keep up to date with what our sector needs to ensure we are providing the best, and most cost effective service possible.

Again, let’s ask: So where to begin? Now we know the answer. Find a system provider who will share their experience and knowledge with you and get you to your final destination smoothly and safely.

From implementing systems into homes for over 20 years, we not only know how to help plan your journey, but we’ll be there as your co-pilot too. Every step of the way. So jump on board and get ready to take off!
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